København Danser

København Danser is Denmark’s new and great dance festival. Our mission is to give the Danes a chance to experience contemporary dance and ballet on the highest international level. Together we shall enjoy some of the best dance companies in the world on the Copenhagen stages.

Each coming year, København Danser will present a wide-ranging program equally directed towards an audience of all ages who are both knowledgable of and new to dance.

"København Danser is a gift to the people of Copenhagen, and to dance here at home"

Monna Dithmer, Politiken

København Danser: solosolo

Solosolo was the first creation produced by København Danser in 2020. A piece of new choreography danced through the empty streets of the city.

Dancers: Liam Redhead and Ryan Tomash of The Royal Danish Ballet. Choreography: Sebastian Kloborg. Videography: Tom McKenzie. Composer: Christian Gabel. Production: København Danser


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